Ruths S.p.A. has been continuously designing & manufacturing industrial steam generators since 1932. In the last 50 years it has acquired a considerable experience in the field of heat recovery boilers. The applications are for gas turbines, diesel engines, industrial furnaces, process gas, and particularly incineration plants.

In the field of the energy recovery from wastes Ruths has built up a considerable store of experience and references.

Ruths has designed & manufactured its own heat recovery boilers downstream diffrent heat sources:

  • Water-cooled grates
  • Air-cooled grates
  • Rotary kilns
  • Fluidized bed furnaces
  • Gasifiers

Ruths has developed a considerable experience in the treatment of hot flue gases having a high content of dusts and pollutants, originating from the incineration of many different fuels:

  • - City waste
  • - Refuse Derived Fuels
  • - Hospital waste
  • - Toxic waste
  • - Industrial waste
  • - Exaust tyres
  • - Treated black sludge
  • - Biomasses

implementing more and more efficient solutions, especially with regard to problems related to high temperature Chlorine corrosion.

As Ruths manufactures its own plants it has improved a design of heat exchange units, which, jointed to a hammer cleaning system, allows a guaranteed and continuous running of the generator for more than 8000 hours a year; thanks to the easy extractability of the units, maintenance is extremely quick. Such a technology is covered by patents: (Italian patent no. MI2003A000070 and international patent no. EP1583928).